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Home Heating Oil Tips

Boiler serviced on a regular basis – at least once a year – to keep them performing at their optimum. Upgrading to a new condensing boiler can save up to 25% on heating bills.
Keep radiators and heaters free to work effectively
Have you furniture in front of your radiators? You should try keep them clear to get the optimum from your heating system.
Are your Thermostats at the correct level? Do you use a timer?
Adjust your thermostat to a temperature you are still comfortable with. Lower the thermostat by a few degrees when no one is present at home or at night. Install a timer that will allow you to regulate the temperature in your home more efficiently (at night, when away).
Get the most from your orders.
Ordering the maximum amount for your tank will give you a better price than small orders – ordering with O’Neill’s Oil gives you extra savings.
Insulate your home
20% of your heat could be escaping from your home through ventilation, draughts etc. Make sure your house is properly insulated.
During the winter months, open your curtains on windows facing south to naturally let the sun heat your home.
In the evening, close them to retain the maximum heat within your home. This also reduces the cold chill that can appear near windows
Make sure your curtains are not blocking air vents or radiators.
The opposite should take place during summer by closing curtains, shades or outdoor blinds to avoid overheating your home during the day.

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