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Agri Fuels
We sell high quality gas oil. It is duty-rebated diesel for off-road use, typically in agriculture, construction, power generation and marine applications.

Whether harvesting, ploughing or laying fertilisers all agricultural operators and farmers need to be certain there is fuel in their machinery and storage tanks. O’Neill’s Oil has a comprehensive fleet of delivery vehicles that can accommodate any size of delivery into any location required. O’Neill’s Oil operates an emergency delivery service in the event you do run out of fuel or your current supplier lets you down unexpectedly.

Should you have a tight deadline to meet or a particular project you are undertaking O’Neill’s Oil can arrange with you a regular delivery over a set period of time to ensure your plant and machinery is kept fully topped up and you do not run out of fuel when working on the land.

Gas oil can be delivered in any quantity subject to a minimum of 200 litres.



Whether it is kerosene oil keeping your factory, church, school or offices warm or gas oil to run the plant and machinery on a construction site O’Neill’s Oil has all the answers. Through our fleet of road tankers we can deliver to any premises using our hose reels to access difficult delivery points around pallets or building materials that may be in use when our tankers arrive.

O’Neill’s Oil can offer such services to our commercial customers as having a driver and truck on standby 24 hours per day 7 days a week to keep topping up small tanks where generators have been called in for emergency uses or to keep a pop concert or festival operational over a short period of time.

Call O’Neill’s with your requirements we are sure we can help you, with a comprehensive and efficient delivery service, competitive pricing and security of supply that is second to none.

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